Assemble Your Moonjar

Get Started with Nine Easy Steps:

  1. Get together
  2. Assemble your Moneyboxes *
  3. Picture your dreams
  4. Build your budget
  5. Divvy it up
  6. Nail down savings
  7. Use your Moonjar Moneyboxes
  8. Move that money
  9. Keep the conversation alive

* For the Standard Moneybox - take your 3 boxes out of the pack and save the big rubber band! Keep the Passbook close by. Shape each Moneybox following the folds. Find the bottom flap and press it downward until it locks into place. Then close the top flaps over each other and insert the tab. One box down, two more to go! Fit them together with the big yellow rubber band.

Classic (tin) Moneyboxes need no assembly! Skip step #2!



Financial Institutions


Non Profit Organizations

Educators and Parent Groups

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